'Buick Special Sedan 1958 Parts'

Buick Special Seda.jpg
Buick Special Sedan 1958 parts available including a perfect " Dynastar grill " with the 160 chrome-plated beveled squares that were designed to reflect light from every angle to create that  " Dollar Grin " Buick Smile.

Please Message  for more information. No bumper parts are still available .

'Buick Special Sedan 1958 Parts'

Buick  Pontiac Stromber 2.jpg
Buick/Pontiac Stromberg type AA Carburettor rebuild Kit for 8 cyl 50/53 Buick & 41/54 Pontiac

£39 inc U.K. mainland postage
Buick  Pontiac Stromber.jpg

'Chevrolet Side Fender'

Chevrolet C10 pic 1.jpg
Chevrolet C10 pic 2.jpg
Chevrolet C10 pic 3.jpg
Chevrolet C10 pic 5.jpg
Chevrolet C10 pic 6.jpg
Chevrolet C10 pic 4.jpg
Chevrolet C10 First Generation 1961 to 1966 front drivers side fender. 

Good used condition, very minor corrosion crack shown in photo, no dents or damage.
Also passenger fender is also available


'Chevrolet Dash'

Chevrolet dash pic 1.jpg
Chevrolet dash pic2.jpg
Chevrolet Dash 1930s inc instruments.

Garage / Shop Art.

£65 inc UK mainland postage

'Chevrolet Grill'

Chevrolet Grill 47-54 pic 1.jpg
Chevrolet Grill 47-54

Surface rust only good solid steel grill with new light units.

£125 inc UK mainland postage
Chevrolet Grill 47-54 pic 2.jpg
Chevrolet Grill 47-54 pic 3.jpg
Chevrolet Grill 47-54 pic 4.jpg
Chevrolet Grill 47-54 pic 5.jpg

'Chevrolet Parts'

Chevrolet Small Block pic 1.jpg
Chevrolet Small Block Chrome Steel Valve Covers by RPC with PVC vents and rubbers.

New and boxed. 

£55 inc UK mainland postage.
Chevrolet Small Block pic 3.jpg
Chevrolet Small Block pic 2.jpg

'Chevrolet GM 10 Parts'

Chevrolet GM 10 pic 1.jpg
Chevrolet GM 10 Bolt Diff Cover

Chromed, New in Box

£35 inc UK mainland postage
Chevrolet GM 10 pic 2.jpg

'Chevrolet C10 Pickup
Instrument Pod'

Chevrolet C10.jpg
Chevrolet C10 Pickup Instrument Pod. In good order. 

£100 inc UK mainland postage

'Chevrolet Small
Block V8'

Chevrolet small block V8.jpg
Chevrolet small block V8. 1980-1991 Radiator cap Motorcraft New Boxed.

£6.99 inc UK mainland postage

'Cadillac Seville Light Panel'

Cadillac Seville pic 1.jpg
Cadillac Seville 1998-2002 rear light panel.

Complete in very good order with no damage or cracks to lenses.

£125 inc UK mainland postage
Cadillac Seville pic 3.jpg
Cadillac Seville pic 2.jpg
Cadillac Seville pic 4.jpg
Cadillac Seville pic 5.jpg

'Datsun 240Z
Front Bumper'

Datsun 240Z pic 1.jpg
Datsun 240Z original front bumper with period towel rail bumper bar.

Good solid straight usable factory bumper which should polish up quite well.

£295 inc UK mainland postage
Datsun 240Z pic 2.jpg
Datsun 240Z pic 3.jpg
Datsun 240Z pic 5.jpg
Datsun 240Z pic 6.jpg
Datsun 240Z pic 4.jpg

'Dodge Challenger
Tail Lights'

1970 Dodge Challenger pic 1.jpg
1970 Dodge Challenger factory  tail lights.

Good used units with no damage and good lenses.

£185 inc UK mainland postage
1970 Dodge Challenger pic 2.jpg
1970 Dodge Challenger pic 3.jpg
1970 Dodge Challenger pic 4.jpg
1970 Dodge Challenger pic 5.jpg
1970 Dodge Challenger pic 6.jpg
1970 Dodge Challenger pic 7.jpg

'De Soto 50's
Hood Ornament''

De soto 50s pic 1.jpg
De Soto 50s Hood Ornament. All steel some pitting but good otherwise.

£65 inc UK mainland postage
De soto 50s pic 2.jpg

'De Soto 50's
Hood Ornament''

De soto pic 1.jpg
De Soto 50s Hood Ornament. Poor condition but complete.

£38 inc UK mainland postage
De soto pic 2.jpg

'De Soto Firedrome

De-Soto Firedome pic 1.jpg
De-Soto Firedome 1950s
Complete Dash Assembly, nice instruments including switchgear. Could make nice man cave, shop display piece.

£195 inc UK mainland postage

'Ford Cortina MK 5
Front Off Side Wing'

Ford Cortina Mk 5 pic 1.jpg
Ford Cortina Mk 5 front offside wing. Brand new, boxed. .

£125 inc UK mainland postage
Ford Cortina Mk 5 pic 2.jpg
Ford Cortina Mk 5 pic 3.jpg

'Ford Trunk
Lid Crest'

Ford 54 to 56 pic 1.jpg
Ford 54 to 56 trunk lid crest and bezel with fixing parts.

New never used.

£65 inc UK mainland postage
Ford 54 to 56 pic 2.jpg

'Ford Mustang
Instrument Bezel'

Ford Mustang 1966  pic 2.jpg
Ford Mustang 1966 Instrument Bezel

New Boxed.

£48 inc UK mainland postage
Ford Mustang 1966  pic 1.jpg

'Ford 1952-1956
Door Handles'

Ford 1952 to 1956 door handles  pic
Ford 1952 to 1956 door handles (Pair)

New chrome and boxed.

£48 inc UK mainland postage
Ford 1952 to 1956 door handles - pic 1.j

'2003 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra'

2003 Ford SVT - pic 1.jpg
2003 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra Supercharged Terminator 4.6 V8  Very low mileage motor complete with all ancillaries  producing proven 435 rear wheel horse power.
 (please note delivery can take up to 12 weeks as unit is presently not in U.K. yet ) will ship to order. 

£4850 inc UK mainland delivery
2003 Ford SVT 2 - pic 2.jpg

'Ford Pickup Lenses'

Ford Pickup lenses  pic 1.jpg
Ford Pickup Lenses. Fit 1959 to 1964 Amber front lenses brand new (pair) 

£16 inc UK mainland delivery

'Ford Mustang

Ford mustang chrome bumper3.jpg
Ford mustang chrome bumper2.jpg
Ford Mustang 71-72 Chrome Front Bumper, new .

£125 inc UK mainland delivery
ford Mustang bumpers 4.jpg


Headlights 7 “ Halo Headlights replacements for American Muscle/Custom cars 60s 70s. New Boxed Pair 

£98 inc UK mainland delivery

'GM Powerglide

GM Powerglide  pic1.jpg
GM Powerglide transmission fully rebuilt ready to use.

£385 inc UK mainland delivery
GM Powerglide pic 2.jpg

'Hudson 1937
Owners Manual'

Hudson . 1937 owners manual 2.jpg
Hudson 1937 owners manual. Original factory hand book  excellent condition.

£25 inc UK mainland delivery. 
Hudson . 1937 owners manual 3.jpg

'Hudson 1937
Tail Light Lenses'

Hudson 1937  riginal Heavy Glass Tail light lenses excellent condition very hard to locate Not Plastic Repos. 

£98 inc UK mainland delivery. Worldwide Ask.

'Jaguar XJS
Instrument Pod'

Jaguar XJS Instrument Pod, complete came out fully functioning car.

£85 inc uk mainland postage

'Lincoln Continental
Tail Lamps'

1965 Lincoln Continental pic 1.jpg
1965 Lincoln Continental tail lamp units.
Good used condition with no damage complete with rear seals and mounting bolts one of the lenses is bright as new the other is duller but should polish up very Art Deco would make a nice pair of Decorative lamps.

1965 Lincoln Continental pic 2.jpg
1965 Lincoln Continental pic 3.jpg
1965 Lincoln Continental pic 4.jpg
1965 Lincoln Continental pic 5.jpg

'Mercedes Benz W114 Headlamp'

Mercedes Benz W114 pic 1.jpg
Mercedes Benz W114 Hella Headlamp complete with slightly tarnished chrome surround

No damage though some internal surface corrosion is evident in removable headlamp unit £28 inc uk postage 

£28 inc UK mainland postage
Mercedes Benz W114 pi c2.jpg
Mercedes Benz W114 pic 3.jpg
Mercedes Benz W114 pic 4.jpg

'Mercedes Benz W114 Tail Lamps'

Mercedes Benz W114 tail pic 3.jpg
Mercedes Benz W114 Tail Lamps

Complete pair undamaged with nice lenses and rubber seals £90 pair or £48 each inc UK postage 

Mercedes Benz W114 tail pic 1.jpg
Mercedes Benz W114 tail pic 2.jpg

'Mercedes Benz W110 Parts'

Mercedes Benz  pic 4.jpg
Mercedes Benz W110 1961 to 1966 Doors, Wings, Bonnet (Hood), Boot Lid and more.

Please enquire
Mercedes Benz  pic 1.jpg
Mercedes Benz  pic 2.jpg
Mercedes Benz  pic 3.jpg

'Nissan Skyline
R32 GTR Parts

Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Parts
Drivers & Passenger doors good condition. £245 each, with glass and handles.
Drivers & Passenger door mirrors £45 each
Front wing near side alloy £135
Complete factory 5 speed transmission removed in a good order message for more info

Please enquire
Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Parts pic 6.jpg
Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Parts pic 2.jpg
Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Parts pic 3.jpg
Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Parts pic 4.jpg
Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Parts pic 5.jpg

'Oldmobile Tornado
Tail Piece'

Oldsmobile Toronado pic 1.jpg
Oldsmobile Toronado 1966-1967 Original series one tail piece with working gas tank hatch  in excellent condition.

This would make a fantastic Wall Art piece for Garage or Shop .

Can supply with a free American number plate if required.

£185 inc UK postage 
Oldsmobile Toronado pic 1a.jpg
Oldsmobile Toronado pic 3.jpg
Oldsmobile Toronado pic 2.jpg

'Plymouth Grill Badge'

Plymouth Original Grill badge - PIC
Plymouth Original Grill Badge for 1934 to 1936 Plymouth.

In very good order, enamel is excellent and still has working retaining screws and washers on rear. 

£95 inc UK mainland postage.
Enquire for worldwide postage
Plymouth Original Grill badge - PIC
Plymouth Original Grill badge - pIC

'Roadrunner Horn'

Plymouth Road Runner Pic 1.jpg
Plymouth Road Runner Classic “Beep Beep “ car horn.

New and boxed.

£125 inc UK postage
Plymouth Road Runner pic 2.jpg

'Subaru Rota
G-Force Wheels

Subaru Rota G-Force  pic 1.jpg
Subaru Rota G-Force 18 X 8.5  Wheels
Set of 4. Brand New. Boxed.

Subaru Rota G-Force - pic 2.jpg
Subaru Rota G-Force pic 3.jpg

'Sunpro 5"
Super Tach III

Sunpro pic 1.jpg
Sunpro 5” Super Tach III
Brand new never used in pack. 

£85 inc UK mainland postage
Sunpro pic 3 copy.jpg
sunpro pic 2.jpg

'Toytota Celica
Front Grill

Toyota Celica 3rd Gen (A60) 1981-1983 Front Grill Black good order.


'Vauxhall Viva HC
Drivers Door'

Vauxhall Viva pic 1.jpg
Vauxhall Viva HC drivers door for a 2 door Viva.

Surface rust only no dents or damage.

£95 inc UK postage 
Vauxhall Viva pic.jpg
Vauxhall Viva pic 3.jpg
Vauxhall Viva pic 4.jpg
Vauxhall Viva pic 4.jpg

'Badge Collection'

Badge Collection.jpg
Badge collection 60's to 70's mostly car badges .

Available individually or make an offer for complete board.  

Contact for more information

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