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'Brief Encounter'

Brief Encounter 6.jpg
Brief Encounter Ltd Edition Peggy Davies handmade and handpainted Staffordshire ceramic.

Very nice indeed - Number 184 of 500 produced. Unmarked as new.

£189 inc UK postage
Brief encounter 2.jpg
Brief Encounter 5.jpg
Brief Encounter 4.jpg
Brief encounter 3.jpg

'Marlene Dietrich'

Marlene Dietrich 1.jpg
Marlene Dietrich A Tribute *Guild Colourway* Limited Edition Figurine of 500 by Kevin Francis, modelled by Andy Moss and manufactured by Peggy Davis Ceramics.

The base is superimposed with images of Marlene from her famous films.

£165 inc UK postage
Marlene Dietrich 3.jpg
Marlene Dietrich 2.jpg
Marlene Dietrich 4.jpg

'Basford British Mascot'

'Basford British Mascot'

bulldog 2.jpg
Large Beswick England “Basford British Mascot“ Bulldog

In Mint condition.

£85 inc UK mainland postage.
Beswick England British Mascot
bulldog 3.jpg

'Lesney Volkswagen Split Screen Van'

Lesney Volkswagen 2.jpg
Lesney Volkswagen Split Screen Van with Matchbox International Express Logos.

Very nice original condition.

£38 inc UK mainland postage.
Lesney Volkswagen 3.jpg
Lesney Volkswagen 4.jpg
Lesney Volkswagen 1.jpg

'Ponderosa Ranch Decanter'

Ponderosa Ranch.jpg
Ponderosa Ranch Nevada Kentucky straight Bourbon Whiskey 86 Proof James B Beam Co Clermont Beam Kentucky Decanter.
Genuine Regal China dated 1969 with Lake Tahoe on the back of Decanter very nice condition with no damage and  lid is present .

£58 inc UK mainland postage
Ponderosa Ranch 3.jpg
Ponderosa Ranch 2.jpg
Ponderosa Ranch 4.jpg

'Corgi RAF Landrover'

Corgi RAF - Pic 1.jpg
Corgi RAF Land Rover 109 “ Wheelbase" 1950s era.

In generally good order tyres, glass, paint etc good, steel rear canopy removes. Some paint damage to one side of rear canopy shown in pictures other wise very nice.

£28 inc UK mainland postage
Corgi RAF - Pic 6.jpg
Corgi RAF - Pic 2.jpg
Corgi RAF - Pic 5.jpg
Corgi RAF - Pic 3.jpg
Corgi RAF - Pic 4.jpg

'Matchbox Jaguar MK10'

Matchbox jaguar Pic 1.jpg
Matchbox Jaguar MK10 with opening bonnet detailed engine bay and original tow bar.
Made in 1964. Nice condition. 

£16 inc UK mainland postage
Matchbox jaguar Pic 3.jpg
Matchbox jaguar Pic 4.jpg
Matchbox jaguar Pic 2.jpg

'American Ezra Brooks'

American Ezra Brooks Pic 1.jpg
American Ezra Brooks 150 month 90 Proof Bourbon Decanter
Dated 1971. Nice bright piece that’s in good order with no major damage, minor paint loss on off side tank and cork missing from
removable helmet as shown in photo. Very unusual . Photo with Jim Beam bottle for size comparison only.

£35 + £10 UK postage
Ask for Worldwide postage 
American Ezra Brooks Pic 5.jpg
American Ezra Brooks Pic 3.jpg
American Ezra Brooks Pic 4.jpg
American Ezra Brooks Pic 2.jpg

'Metal Indian'

Metal Indian - Pic 3.jpg
Metal Indian and Canoe Toy.

£15 inc UK mainland postage
Metal Indian - Pic 1.jpg
Metal Indian - Pic 2.jpg

'Chevrolet Corvette C3'

Chevrolet Corvette  C3 pic 3.jpg
Chevrolet Corvette  C3 resin with Perspex windows by Tonka early 70s nicely proportioned and in very good order small corner of rear bumper missing.

£26 inc UK mainland postage
Chevrolet Corvette  C3 pic 2.jpg
Chevrolet Corvette  C3 pic 3.jpg
Chevrolet Corvette  C3 pic 4.jpg

'USAF Lockheed Martin
Glass Tray'

USAF Lockheed pic 1.jpg
USAF Lockheed Martin raised glass tray 13cm x 5cm in perfect condition.

£18.50 inc UK mainland postage
USAF Lockheed pic 2.jpg

'Antique Ships Wheels'

Genuine authentic antique Ships wheels p
Genuine authentic antique Ships Wheels.

Not reproductions from 30 inch to 37 inch

Prices from £135 inc UK mainland postage 
Genuine authentic antique Ships wheels p
Genuine authentic antique Ships wheels p
Genuine authentic antique Ships wheels p
Genuine authentic antique Ships wheels p
Genuine authentic antique Ships wheels p
Genuine authentic antique Ships wheels p
Genuine authentic antique Ships wheels p
Genuine authentic antique Ships wheels p

'Chrome Hearts Solid
Silver Watch Strap'

Gas Monkey pic 4.jpg
Gas Monkey Richard Rawlings Fan's here is a “Chrome Hearts Solid Silver “ Luxury watch strap worn by none other than Richard Rawlings himself .

Authenticated and bought in person from Gas Monkey in Dallas Texas. (Picture with the Rolex watch  for information only) This is a High Quality Super Cool Silver Watch Strap, actually worn by RR fit your own watch or have adapted into a bracelet.

£795 offers considered .
Gas Monkey pic 5.jpg
Gas Monkey.jpg
Gas Monkey  pic 7.jpg
Gas Monkey  pic 3.jpg
Gas Monkey  pic 1.jpg
Gas Monkey  pic 6.jpg

'Champion Avon Aftershave'

Champion Avon pic 3.jpg
Champion Avon After shave “Wild Country “ complete with decent box. Unusual novelty from USA.  Just over 5” tall

£16 inc U.K. mainland postage 
Champion Avon Pic 1.jpg
Champion Avon pic 2.jpg

'Mexico Horse Head'

Horse head copy.jpg
Steel hand made in Mexico  Horse Head. Very impressive unique display piece. Approx 1ft 3inches high. 

£185 inc U.K. mainland postage 
Horse head 1.jpg
Horse head 4.jpg
Horse head 3.jpg

'Cigarette Box'

Cigarette Box pix 1.jpg
Cigarette Box made in Silver inscribed “ Calcutta Motor Sports Club “ and “ Calcutta Grand Prix 1957 “ Interesting Solid Silver Box with ornamental Indian animals / locations.  

£195 inc U.K. mainland postage 
Cigarette Box pic 2.jpg
cigarette box pic 4.jpg
cigarette box pic 5.jpg
cigarette box pic 4.jpg
cigarette box pic 6.jpg

'Model Car'

Plymouth Superbird  3.jpg
Plymouth Superbird “Riverside 1970 “ Carrera slot car.

Brand New Boxed never used. Rare & Super detailed model car stunning.

£78 inc U.K. mainland postage 
Plymouth Superbird.jpg
Plymouth Superbird 2.jpg
Plymouth Superbird  4.jpg

'Model Car'

Mercury Cougar 1968.jpg
Mercury Cougar 1968 limited edition detailed USA Detroit Muscles. 1.64 scale boxed never out the box. 

£15 inc U.K. mainland postage 

'Boat Oars Wall Deco'

Boat Oar.jpg
Boat Oar wooden wall/coat hangers 50 inches long with mounting brackets and 3 coat hooks each. Oar ideal for Home, Shop, Club House, Garage. All the way from Maine USA .

£38 each inc U.K. mainland postage 

'Chevrolet Corvette'

Chevrolet Corvette C5 Convertible pic 1.
Chevrolet Corvette C5 Convertible  Fly Slot Car. New, boxed stunningly detail with female driver & passenger.

£75 each inc U.K. mainland postage 
Chevrolet Corvette C5 Convertible pic 3.
Chevrolet Corvette C5 Convertible pic 2.

'Jim Clark Outen Park'

Jim Clark Oulton Park 1965 pic 2.jpg
Jim Clark Oulton Park 1965  Lotus Cortina MK1 Slot Car by Revell in presentation case. Brand new boxed beautiful model.

£95 each inc U.K. mainland postage 
Jim Clark Oulton Park 1965 pic 1.jpg

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